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I was born in Trieste in 1945 where I lived until I was twenty one; today I live in Bologna, where I create. A few years after high school, I attended the Faculty of Education at university, studying psychology. Then, I quit university continuing to study psychology as an autodidact. I focused on writing to represent communication, but it was not by chance that I approached the use of image, choosing collage as a means of expression.

This was undoubtedly because of my urgency to see the projection of my thoughts, ideas, reflections and perspectives. At first my limits and difficulties came out, so that the point of view changed and the perspective could become more detached and clear. All this became manifest shortly before I approached “analysis”.

My first study on collage, Peculiar situations for a peculiar couple or the “banal” (Situazioni particolari per una particolare coppia o “il banale”) well represents the bridge my mind built between word and image.

My works never start off handling casually gathered material, but from the accurate and obstinate research of elements as suitable as possible to express the clear concept originated in my mind.

The effort to start from heterogeneous elements aimed at creating a new ensemble -my objective- in which no element found its original function any longer, offering me the flair of transforming an already expressed and enjoyed as a means –the elaborated one– of a link for communication.

Paper clippings collages, my own pictures planned and cut to turn the concept into something concrete, material and/or processed by me, up to the assembling of pieces of discarded toys with the aim of recreating fantastic and game-like scenes. I believe that on the traced path there is still the sign: “work in progress”.