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Artistic Club Culturare CalderArte- Calderara (Bologna)


Exhibition "Renato Giorgi" - Sasso Marconi (Bologna)


Museum Ken Damy- Brescia ( collection)

“Illusion, delusion, disillusion”
“Illusion, delusion, disillusion” With Collection Part Three I go back to a proven interesting initiative, widely demonstrated by the visitors of the previous editions. The idea is simple (thanks to the large expositive space of the museum that would not enable exhibiting a personal anthology to anyone) comparing 6 (or 7 or 14) different artists with personal exhibitions choosing a certain theme to offer visitors a (simultaneous) “passing” vision for style and aesthetic connotations… I invited three Italian and three foreign authors to strengthen more and more the opportunities of analyzing and comparing new international photography.

Invited artists: David Crosby (USA)
Marilena De Angelis (Italy)
 Junichi Ohono (Japan)
 Eleonora Olivetti (Italy)
 Thomas Rusch (Germany)
 Loredana Spimpolo (Italy)

Marilena De Angelis presented by GIULIANA SCIME’

Penetrating the inner world is incredibly hard – on the other hand I do not think that penetrating male world is any easier. What’s more, each subject is an island that from time to time casts off moorings and hoists the sails towards the closest more attractive island; other times such an island lets land shells in danger of shipwreck or sailing towards fascinating bewitchments.
Where women’s illusions, delusions and disillusions derive from is a subject that could entertain us forever without ever solving the core issue. Few have understood it all, know and solved everything… in books and newspapers’ paper, in solid TV boxes.
I am quite sure that delusions and disillusions follow illusions, but I do not know why the embryo itself is created.
We have been taught to believe in values that for our mothers were already wrecked. If anything, such values had been created as a trick of society that had been learned by their own mothers, who already…, etc.
And I find myself in this dramatic attempt to penetrate the illusions, delusions, disillusions of a woman and cannot enter the system of her personal electronic calculator.
It is not my system, nor my program. I am not her mother, nor her daughter, I am not the people she met throughout her life so far, nor those she will meet in the future – I am just an island that has cast off moorings towards her and/or allowed landing.
There, under everybody’s eyes, lie her anxieties, fears, open eyes nightmares, experiences, traumas - or maybe mental constructions of unease with no place and no name.
Art or, in any case, any artistic expression is egoism.
The artist is the smartest cheat with legal license of cosmic trickery. In fact, the sly individual, to whom we issued the license to deceive, wants to explain, tell, investigate, make us understand, explore, is in truth addressed to herself.
Thanks to our connivance the artist dignifies a common instinct into social good. This is why I look at these women – the woman - by Marilena and understand what she wants to communicate. This woman who should reach a given condition should then represent me too and not identify my in analogical superimposition. It moves, blindfolded with a scarf that cancels its facial traits, in an environment made of indifference; it falls down from a building; she is bridled to a sterile soil; in a cruel game of “blindman’s bluff” it is a powerless and manipulated trunk. The other women do not even notice that she exists; yet sweet and seraphic young girls observe her body carried away by the waters of a creek without curiosity.
I believe it is not possible to stage anything more desperate, with an endless and careless desperation about women, and with such visual efficacy.

Rosamilia Photogallery - Castel San Giorgio (SA)

Sala Laurana del Palazzo Ducale - Pesaro (collettiva itinerante) Ora serrata retinae

“ Instincts and fears”
Simonetta Romagna, Councillor for Culture and Women Conditions of the Municipality of Pesaro:

… Presenting the works of the seven authors (J.Tenesson - G.Traverso - L.Gilardoni C.Marler - L.Butler - B.Jackse - M. De Angelis) of different origin and cultural background, but who share a common determination of linguistic and formal research ad experimentation, we have proposed a “feminine” exhibition representing and testifying the relationship between women as authors and photography itself. Their poetics and the concepts expressed through their works originate entangled with linguistic experimentation, leading them to employ unusual techniques and overtaking codified forms. This catalogue, entirely dedicated to the artists, is integrated with two contributions: “Ora serrata retinae” and “La scrittura e lo sguardo”, both dealing with photography and inserting it in the most recent aesthetic, sociologic and philosophical discussion...

 Ken Damy Gallery- Brescia (personal exhibition)
 “l’Ariete” - Bologna (personal exhibition))

“Peculiar situations for a peculiar couple or the “banal””

Extract from the newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino” May 29, 1987
… on the psychoanalyst’s sofa Marilena De Angelis talks about herself. She tells us of her own imaginary by means of a considerable amount of overcrowded collages, as if pushed by a narrative urgency, trying to highlight inner opposite strengths, in a hypothetic escape from existential anxieties…